Visiting for the First Time?


St Hugh Eyres Monsell


First time in our church?

 Don’t worry; it is easier than you think!

The parish church of St Hugh Eyres Monsell is situated on Sturdee Road.  There is plenty unrestricted roadside parking around the church.  Access is good for wheelchair users and for prams and pushchairs.  We have excellent facilities inside the church including toilets, a kitchen, a church hall with lots of space for children to play.  We aim to serve the local community and be a place of worship where all are welcome.

Sunday Morning Sung Eucharist

Most people first come to the 10:45 am service which is held every Sunday morning.  The first person you are likely to meet is one of the churchwardens.  Once you come inside, she will welcome you and give you a service sheet which contains an order of service along with notices.  Find a seat anywhere in the main body of the church – no seats are reserved.

Children are welcome at ALL our services.  We have toys to entertain the smaller ones.  There are children’s books in the bookcase which you are welcome to borrow.  Please don’t worry if they make a noise!  We are used to it.

You will know that the service is about to begin as a bell will ring and the organist will start to play the music for the first hymn.  Most of the hymns are not announced – just follow the numbers on the board which you will see on the wall along left hand side.

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Whoever is presiding at the service will greet everyone and the service is then underway.  Although there is considerable variety during the year, most of the services have the same basic shape week by week which people get used to after coming a few times.


You are unlikely to get lost in the liturgy, but if you do, just ask someone who is near you to show you where we are – they will be delighted to help.  Most people stand to sing and sit or kneel to pray.  During the singing of the third hymn a collection plate is handed round for donations towards running the church.

The morning services on a Sunday are always communion services.  If you don’t feel you want to receive the consecrated bread and wine, you are encouraged to come to the altar rail along with everyone else for a blessing - just bring an order of service with you so that we know who you are.   Children are welcome to come for a blessing.

On some feast days and special occasions, you may see someone at the front of the procession bringing an offering of incense in a thurible. We use incense in our worship as a symbol of our prayers rising to heaven and a sign of the sacredness of the worship in this place.

On the first Sunday in the month, we have a less formal Family Service.  During the service children will be given small candles and are invited to bring them up to the altar to be lit during the prayers.  They may also be invited to bring forward the offerings of bread and wine and to help with the collection.  The sermon will involve children and young people and encourage them in their Christian faith.

Image result for families clipartOn the third Sunday we have our Sunday club for all children under 12 in our Church hall.  Parents are encouraged to accompany small children.  There are lots of activities – stories, craft and singing etc and then the children are brought back into church in time for the Eucharist.  All our leaders have DBS clearance. 


After the service there is usually tea, coffee and refreshments served in the Church hall.  You don’t have to stay, but it is a good chance to meet people if you want to do so.

For more information about services and events see our "Contact Us" webpage. 

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